Tennis Racket restringing service

Tennis Racket Restringing

Contact us to book your racket and get it back within 24 hours

Need your tennis racket restrung?

We provide a fast, reliable tennis racket restringing service in Bishopston, Bristol. With over 20 years of stringing experience, we can advise on the correct racket tension and string, so you can be back on the court quickly and playing well.

When to restring your racket

It is recommended that all players should have their racket restrung after every 40 hours of play. It may be time for a restring if you are having to swing harder to get the ball to go deeper and notice a difference in sound on the racket.

Rackets can be dropped off at the Kings Tennis Club or at our home and can be completed in 24 hours.

  • £20 per racket (including string)
  • £10 per racket (if you have your own string)

Contact us to book your racket

Francois Du Preez
07425 171484

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