Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching; Player Code of Conduct

Please read this document to your child at the start of a term to reiterate the importance of good behaviour and respect for both peers and coaches.

Our coaches have a code of conduct, and in turn we expect all players involved in our tennis program to respect the player code of conduct.

  • Players will arrive on time with all the necessary kit ready to train
  • Players/parents will let the coaches know about any injuries/medical and additional needs
  • Players will ALWAYS try their best
  • Players will respect their peers and treat everyone equally
  • Players will encourage others in the group and not comment on other players
  • Players will accept winning and losing and show good sportsmanship at all times
  • Players will show respect and speak respectfully to ALL coaches and assistant coaches
  • Players will take full responsibility for their behaviour and recognise that if anyone is disrespected
    in the group peer/coach/assistant coach that the coach will follow the disciplinary protocol

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