Ava Ward has been selected for the U9 County Cup

Ava has been selected by Avon Tennis to play at this competition

22 Mar 2023 / By Elly Shearman

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The Junior County Cup is one of the biggest and best team events of the junior tennis season.

Teams from every county in the nation come together for a series of regional and national events to uncover the champions. Players are selected / nominated by their county.

There are six age groups of competitions for the Junior County Cup – from 9U to 18U – giving young players a chance to compete with top talent around Britain.

The 9U County Cup is played in two stages – a one day qualifying event followed by the Finals, also played over one day.

We asked Ava how she is feeling ahead of the County Cup this weekend.


How do you feel about being selected for the 9U County Cup team?

I am excited and really looking forward to playing. I was so pleased to be selected again this year, as I really enjoyed the 8U County Cup last year. I wanted to continue to work hard and practice so I could try and get selected again this year.

What do you enjoy about having the opportunity to train with the county?

The sessions are always fun, I get to work with a range of coaches, I have made some friends in the group and I also get to play on nice indoors courts!

What do you enjoy about competing in tennis?

I like the County Cup as it is a team competition, so I have to work together with other players to get the best result we can as a squad.

I have also enjoyed the other tournaments that I have played in, as I love playing tennis with lots of different people at all levels. I also really like winning and receiving medals and trophies!

What do you enjoy most about tennis?

I like being challenged and learning all of the time, it is also a good way to be healthy and strong.

Congratulations Ava and the best of luck at the County Cup this weekend!

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