Junior Coaching Curriculum

This curriculum will ensure a clear and phased plan within each block of Junior Tennis, at each age group / ball colour.

23 Sep 2021 / By Elly Shearman

Junior Tennis Season

Elly is always striving to make the tennis at Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching the best it can be.

This year Elly has been doing a lot of personal coaching development and strategy work and this includes a new Junior Coaching Curriculum.

This curriculum will ensure a clear and phased plan within each block of Junior Tennis, at each age group / ball colour.

The aim is to create and develop more energetic and competitive tennis players within our Juniors. Every term the children will complete an assessment at the beginning so the coaches know where their groups is. Coaches will be looking for whether the children can hit ground strokes, serves and returns and they can look at what needs to be worked on.

They will then cover tactics, serving and returning (orange ball and above), backhands, forehands, volleys and smashes, match practice and ending the block with matches. The curriculum will be followed at all levels with appropriate challenges/technical development which all our experienced coaches are trained to do.

Throughout all of the above the coaches will be looking for The 5 R’s

  1. Ready
  2. Read
  3. React
  4. Respond
  5. Recover

We are looking for ALL our children to

  1. Chase the ball
  2. Track the ball
  3. Be eager to learn
  4. To listen and engage with activities

We are introducing more Tennis Challenge Afternoons as these are a great place for children who haven’t played in any or many matches to gain some match practice in a fun and relaxed environment ahead of them starting in competitive matches against other clubs.

We are so pleased that we are able to offer this new curriculum to ensure your children become the best tennis players they can be.

Please click for more information on our Junior Coaching Programme.

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Elly Shearman

Elly Shearman is an adult and children's tennis coach based in Bristol. Passionate about grassroots tennis and enabling everyone to have access to playing the sport whatever their age or ability.

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Junior Tennis Season

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