Feb Monthly Awards & Challenges

Two Junior Standout Awards this month to two people who have not let lockdown stop their tennis.

11 Feb 2021 / By Elly Shearman

Monthly Tennis Awards

February Monthly Awards

As you can imagine our Monthly Awards will be slightly different due to not being on court, but we are so pleased to be awarding two Junior Standout Awards this month to two people who have not let lockdown stop their tennis.

Elin Higton

Elin is one of our green players…she is SO engaged in the zoom training sessions, has completed all the homeworks and I am so excited how her tennis takes off once we get back after seeing her so enthusiastic!

Zente Gottlieb

Zente is always a hard worker but during lockdown he sends his coach Francois videos of practice in the park almost every day – if he’s not working on physical strength, agility, flexibility & fitness he will be asking technical questions and working from videos taken during training when we were on court

February Challenges

We have set five challenges that both kids and adults can do and also see if you can try and improve as well.

Please send in your videos to us before Sat 20 Feb to be in with the chance of winning some cool prizes.

Have a go at improving one or why not all five? It might help fill some time in half term?! Keep an eye out on social for videos from our coaches too, who are also going to try out the challenges and try and improve too.
Tom has created another awesome video of the coaches showing you how to do the challenges.

February Challenges – check out the video here

1️⃣ Skip until you drip (how many skips in a row can you do without a mistake?)
2️⃣ Wobble till you topple (how many passes or side throws can you do in a row without wobbling over? You can even use heavy medicine balls)
3️⃣ Run a mile (how fast can you run a mile or km for younger ones?)
4️⃣ Squat until you drop (how many squat jumps can you do in a row without a break? You can also try this with burpees?)
5️⃣ You shoes you choose (how many moves can you do with the balls in 2 minutes?)

Email us your videos – elly@ellyshearmantennis.co.uk

Need more information?

Contact Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching on
Tel: 07581 237260
Email: ellytennis.Kings@hotmail.com

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Elly Shearman

Elly Shearman is an adult and children's tennis coach based in Bristol. Passionate about grassroots tennis and enabling everyone to have access to playing the sport whatever their age or ability.

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Monthly Tennis Awards

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