Looking for toddler classes? Why not try Tennis for Mums & Toddlers

Toddler classes at Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching. Tennis class for the mums, with a toddler tennis class which runs at exactly the same time!

22 Oct 2020 / By Elly Shearman

Toddler classes.

Tennis for Mums & Toddlers

Are you looking for toddler classes nearby?

This six-week course is designed to give mums and their toddlers a healthy start to the week.

Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching offers mums a fun and lighthearted coaching session while toddlers and pre-schoolers have their own session with a different coach. Babies are welcome too, and their buggies can be parked at the side of the court.

There are rackets for everyone, different types of balls, and plenty of space to enable mums to play tennis and for the children to run around. The children will also get a biscuit on court with our coach Tom.

Tennis just for the Toddlers

Activities for toddlers

If you are just looking for activities for your toddlers then Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching also runs a number of toddler classes as well. Toddler Tennis is a perfect way for energetic toddlers to begin learning ball and racket skills.

This course helps children learn to listen, follow instructions, and to feel confident in a sports setting as well as learning basic tennis skills using rackets.

Parents are not required to stay. However, on Friday mornings there is a Cardio Tennis session running at the same time which parents are welcome to join.

So if you are looking for things to do with toddlers, and for yourself, then look no further and get in touch.

Need more information?

Contact Elly Shearman Tennis Coaching on
Tel: 07581 237260
Email: ellytennis.Kings@hotmail.com

Elly Shearman

Elly Shearman is an adult and children's tennis coach based in Bristol. Passionate about grassroots tennis and enabling everyone to have access to playing the sport whatever their age or ability.

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Toddler classes.

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